Product description


TABLET COMPOSITION : Olive leaves extract  300mg, Licorice extract 150mg, Chancha Piedra 100mg, Bupleurum 200mg, Dandelion Root 100mg, 

Gurmar Extract 200mg, Milk Thistle 50mg, Daruharidra 150mg


SYRUP COMPOSITION : Each 10 ml contains : Olive leaves extract  200mg, Licorice extract 150mg, Chancha Piedra 50mg, Bupleurum 200mg, 


Dandelion Root 100mg, Milk Thistle 50mg


For Healthy Liver


OLIVE LEAVES EXTRACT : Detoxifies Liver Effectively

LICORICE EXTRACT : Reduces the production of liver enzymes

CHANCHA PIEDRA : Detoxifies Liver, Kidney as well as Gallstones Effectively

BUPLEURUM : Cleanse the liver and improves overall health

DANDELION ROOT : Treat Hepatits effectively and Boost immune 

MILK THISTLE : Reduce damage to the liver caused by free radicals 

GURMAR EXTRACT : Balances the Blood sugar level 

DARUHARIDRA : It has hepatoprotective (liver protective) activities 


Healthy Liver Formula