Product description

GI-FIT Capsules & Sachets


Pre and Probiotic Capsules

  • Steptococcus Faecalis 60 million
  • Clostridium butyricum 4 million
  • Bacillus mesentericus 2 million
  • Lactic acid bacillus 100 million
  • Cranberry extract 150 mg
  • D-Mannose 75 mg


  • General Debility
  • Along with Antibiotics
  • Chronic illness
  • Convalescence

Prebiotics strengthen the epithelial lining of  the gut and maintain its 

integrity by producing a compound called SCFA (Short Chain Fatty Acids) 

which is an important  nutrient for the epithelial lining of the gut. 


Fit the GUT with GI-Fit