B1-PLUS Tablets

Product description

Vitamin B1 100mg, Vitamin B2 1mg, Vitamin B6 2mg


Overcome Vitamin B1 Deficiency

Vitamin B1 is essential for the healthy functioning of the digestive, nervous and heart systems  


Indications for Use of Vitamin B1

Hypovitaminosis, thiamine deficiency disease.

Diseases of the heart system (myocarditis, circulatory failure, endarteritis and others).

Reception of vitamin B1 is required when using diuretics, as they accelerate the excretion of thiamine.

Vitamin B1 reduces pain during neurological diseases, improves the work of the nervous system.

Thiamine shown in peripheral paralysis, neuritis, polyneuritis, and other astheno-vegetative syndrome.

Vitamin B1 is applied in dermatological practice in neurogenic dermatoses, eczema, itching of the skin of different origin, pyoderma, psoriasis.

Vitamin B1 is applied for the treatment of brain dysfunctions. It favors improving the work of the brain, increasing studying ability and other mental abilities.

Thiamine is applied for the treatment for depression and other mental illnesses.

It’s applied for the stopping of Alzheimer's disease.

Thiamine is applied for the cure of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, hepatitis, enterocolitis, liver cirrhosis , postoperative gastric disease, chronic pancreatitis.

Vitamin B1 is applied for chronic gastritis and enteritis syndrome with low vapor absorption.

Indication to get thiamine are diseases of the endocrine system and metabolic derangements.


Be positive against chronic diseases